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Fall 2014 029Nutrition is essential for mental and physical health. Eating a nutrient dense diet by enjoying foods eaten by your great grandparents is one way to strengthen and regain health. Every single culture has shared an intrinsic wisdom on how to maintain health through eating nutrient dense foods. Cultures and people passed on their traditions to ensure the health of future generations.  The website the Weston A. Price Foundation is a powerhouse of important nutritional research and facts, widely followed and respected in the holistic health world. By eating “modern”, highly processed foods which are devoid of nutrients needed for health, we are contributing to our modern malnutrition. My nutrition articles on saturated fat, vitamins A, D and K2, raw milk benefits, dental/nutrition connection and other subjects can be found by clicking the links below. This page is updated with all of my relevant new blogs/ articles.


Fats in the Diet

High quality raw milk enhances health while pasteurized milk contributes to illness

Vitamins A, D and K2 build healthy bodies, but are missing in modern diets

Getting braces for crooked teeth is evidence of modern day malnutrition

Delicious, Healthy and Easy Soaked Nuts

The big fat lie and its impact on health

 Why butter is better and ways to eat more

Coconut provides a powerhouse of delicious nutrition

Important ‘Fed Up’ documentary  highlights how sugar and processed food contributes to our obesity epidemic

Eat Fat, Lose Weight

 Paleo and Weston Price diets beat SAD diet for nutrition

Avoiding GMO’s

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