The Healing Powers of Low Dose Naltrexone for Multiple Diseases

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALose dose naltrexone, an alternative use of the FDA approved drug naltrexone, has been proven to be a low cost, safe treatment for a wide range of illnesses. Impressive clinical case studies and research support the use of LDN to treat Multiple Sclerosis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Fybromyalgia, cancer and AIDs. The number of diseases successfully treated with LDN has grown substantially in the last several years, to include most neurological and nervous system disorders. Continue reading

Delicious Gluten Free Prune Hamantashen

prune hamantashenHamantashens are a traditional cookie shaped in a triangle, like Haman’s hat, made for the festive minor Jewish holiday of Purim. Haman is an evil character from the Purim story, read on Purim from a special book called the Megillah. The fillings for this cookie vary, including poppy seeds, cherry, apricot and strawberry fillings. Prune is a family favorite of ours. Recipes abound for these delicious cookies, but after much experimentation I have recently settled on this recipe, They can be enjoyed year round and several Jewish delis and bakeries bake them all year. They are always made at this time of year, during the holiday of Purim.

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this delectable treat. My close Christian and Muslim neighbors and friends have looked forward to Purim and enjoyed these delicious cookies, along with our family over the years!  It is like a super mini pie cookie, loved by all. I have made changes to make this recipe as nutrient dense as possible. Hope you enjoy them! Continue reading

Chopped Liver, a Super Food

close up image of chopped liver with crackers and condimentsLiver provides a powerhouse of nutrition. It is one of those foods that you like or hate. I have learned to like it, since discovering the amazing health benefits of liver. I have also spent time experimenting with several recipes to make a good chopped liver. My husband and friends love my chopped liver dish. Unfortunately, I have been unable to entice my children to eat liver. If I had started making this when they were younger, it probably would  have been easier!

Continue reading

Delicious Homemade Vegetable Soup

January 2015 122On warm winter nights home made vegetable soup is especially enjoyable. It is a delicious and an easy way to add healthy vegetables to one’s diet. It can be enjoyed as a main meal or side dish. Adding meat broth will increase the nutrition of this meal. Chicken broth can be saved and frozen from chicken crock pot meals, to be used in this recipe. See Simple, delicious crock pot pastured chicken for an easy recipe. Continue reading

Pressures to Vaccinate and Why Not To Listen to Your Doctor

th (38)From a young age, most of us are taught the importance of vaccinations. If we are ever confronted with facts which challenge this information,  it can feel very uncomfortable. In my article posted yesterday with Vac Truth, I share some of my own feelings and challenges in very gradually changing my views from extremely pro vaccination to anti- vaccination. I also discuss some of the important real life challenges and pressures individuals face in making the vaccination decision. Continue reading

Home made, gluten free organic apple pie

applepieI rarely make home made apple pie, but I am moved to do so on Thanksgiving and other special occasions. I use a recipe very close to my mother’s recipe which serves as a nice reminder of my mom, whose sweet memory I carry with me. I use less sugar than the original recipe and play with the crust, using a gluten- free crust which seems to vary a bit each year. I usually serve it warmed with home made vanilla ice cream. It is definitely a family favorite in our household. Continue reading

Delicous Real, Raw Vanilla Ice Cream

ice cream


Ice cream is loved the world over for its sweetness and creamy, cool taste.  Vanilla ice cream is a favorite dessert in our home. We enjoy it alone or occasionally combined with other sweets like warmed home made apple pie or gluten free brownies for an extra decadent treat. If I am in the mood for chocolate, I may add raw organic chocolate syrup to my ice cream. (Wilderness Family Naturals has a chocolate syrup with the cacao left intact.) Raw cacao is extremely high in anti-oxidants. Occasional desserts as part of a well balanced diet are acceptable and can be enjoyed on special occasions.

Ice cream made with real, nutrient dense ingredients is probably one of the healthiest sweets around. Continue reading

Simple, delicious crock pot pastured chicken

October 2014 photos 028Coming home to the delicious aromas of food cooking in my crock pot is a treat. The added bonus is the simplicity and time saved by using my slow cooker. Plus, slow cooking is an excellent way to preserve the nutrients of  foods. When food is cooked on high heat, toxins are created and food becomes less healthy. This recipe is so simple, it almost does not seem like a recipe. There are only 5 ingredients.  Continue reading

Drink Your Real Milk with Your Chocolate

local raw milkChocolate can be enjoyed in moderation, especially if it is dark, organic chocolate. Washing it down with real, raw whole milk will add tremendously to its health benefits. Enjoy both without any guilt. Real milk has healing powers, along with raw cacao. To learn more click on the articles below. Continue reading