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Getting braces for crooked teeth is evidence of our modern day malnutrition

cover of Nutrition and Physical DegenerationDr. Weston Price set out to discover the causes of misaligned teeth and cavities in the 1930’s with his 10 year, in-depth research of native cultures around the world. He discovered the secrets to dental and overall health lie in nutrition.  It is now understood by holistic dentists that when the jaw bone has enough nutrients during its development, all 32 teeth will have adequate space to come in straight without crowding. Likewise, holistic dentistry accepts that nutrition is the cornerstone of preventing dental caries.  Current standard dietary recommendations lack the important fat soluble vitamins needed for strong teeth and wide palates. As a result, “braces”, used to correct crowded teeth, have become common place among American teens.

Price’s amazing research more applicable today with Americans’ highly processed diets

Dr. Price did painstaking research to analyze the native diets in 14 countries, untouched by modern man’s processed foods. He found that the water and fat soluble vitamins were 4 to 10 times greater in the natives’ diets compared to the typical American die. It is highly likely that the vitamin deficiencies found today would be much greater.  Price observed that the natives had perfectly straight teeth with no crowding along with almost nonexistent tooth decay.

Price also observed that when some natives began to adopt a processed food diet containing white flour, processed oils, sugar, along with canned milk, vegetables and fruits, their teeth began to decay. In addition, these natives’ future children developed crooked teeth along with decay. If these individuals returned to their previous vitamin rich diet, their teeth would improve and their children would again experience palates large enough to accommodate all teeth, aligned correctly.

Dr. Price also did an experiment on the effectiveness of taking two teaspoons of cod liver oil daily, along with butter oil and found a significant increase in immunity to tooth decay along with its reversal. Cod liver oil provides an excellent source of vitamins A and D, while butter oil is rich in vitamin K2.

Standard dietary recommendations lack essential fat soluble vitamins needed for dental health

close up of raw milk, cream and eggsEssential fat soluble vitamins A, D and K2 are found in healthy saturated fats and organs from pastured animals. The Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services issues dietary guidelines every 5 years, which dictate dietary policy in this country for health, hospital and school personnel. The 2010 guidelines continue to incorrectly recommend following a low saturated fat diet, substituting highly processed vegetable oils such as soybean, corn and cottonseed oils for traditional fats. These vegetable oils are devoid of any nutrients and are highly processed and inflammatory.  Most of these oils are also genetically modified, adding to their health danger.

Standard blood testing performed for vitamin D has proven widespread deficiencies in this vitamin. It is well known that vitamin D and calcium are essential for adequate bone and teeth development.  Vitamins A and K2 are also important, working together with vitamin D. See Vitamins A, D and K2 build healthy bodies, but are missing in modern diets. The widespread occurrence of cavities and crooked teeth in children, adolescents and adults in this country provides additional evidence of widespread deficiencies of these many essential vitamins.

Correcting Teeth Decay

Ramiel Nagel in hisbook,  Cure Tooth Decay, outlines a comprehensive dietary program to re-mineralize decayed teeth and prevent tooth decay,  with a focus on the fat soluble vitamins Price found were so essential.  Foods recommended include raw whole milk, cheese and butter from pastured animals, fish eggs, organ meats including brain, kidney and liver, home-made gelatin rich bone broth, high quality animal protein, cooked vegetables and fermented cod liver oil. See (  for more details.

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Vitamins A, D and K2 build healthy bodies, but are missing in modern diets






Written by Michelle Goldstein, Holistic Health to Go

Getting braces for crooked teeth is evidence of modern malnutrition first published in Natural News on July 29, 2013

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