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November 19 2014 116Information is power. It is important to be an informed consumer when making healthcare decisions.  I am personally familiar with the following resources and believe they are valid and reliable sources of information.

There is an array of conflicting information on diet, vaccinations, and treatment protocols. By first familiarizing yourself with the many options and viewpoints, you can then make a better informed decision by choosing what makes sense to you.

After studying several dietary approaches, I have personally chosen the Weston Price philosophy of eating and mostly adhere to those principles. It makes the most sense to me. The basic philosophy is to eat traditional, real foods as our great, grandparents ate them, using time honored methods of cooking and preparation to preserve nutrients. More information on their dietary philosophy can be found here: Weston Price Foundationclose up of raw milk, cream and eggsIt is similar to the more popular Paleo diet, with some important differences. I do think the Paleo and raw primal diet have helped many to heal and gain better health. I prefer to focus on their similarities, because I think both are huge improvements over the SAD or standard American diet of processed, highly nutrient devoid foods.  See Paleo and Weston Price diets beat SAD diet for nutrition for more on this subject.

One of the most controversial, but important areas of medicine is vaccinations. Conventional medicine adheres to the idea of vaccine safety and effectiveness. After several years of independent research I have reversed my views on this subject. There are many excellent resources available to learn more. Research for yourself to find answers that make sense to you, but do look at both sides of this important issue before choosing this medical procedure, which is far from harmless.

Please visit the following resource pages to learn more about holistic health or click on the links below:

Holistic Book Resources

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