download (3)Recommended Videos/Documentaries:

Fed Up: (2014) Documentary exposing the sugar and processed food industry’s impact on childhood obesity and diabetes in the U.S. (showing in theaters and available from

Food Inc.  (2008 documentary exposing crimes of the food industry including Monsanto’s GMO seeds, the poultry and meat industry),  by Robert Kenner, available for rental or purchase at Amazon. com

Burzinksi the Movie, 2011 at or available at some retailers such as Whole Foods, exposes the powerful and disturbing true story of Dr. Burzinski’s fight to legally provide his proven, successful antineoplaston therapy to cancer patients, the deep corruption of the FDA and government in making false claims against this brave hero, even going to the depths of stealing his patent on antineoplastons. Tragically, this fight is ongoing since Burzinski threatens the cancer industry’s profits.

Farmegeddon, 2011; ; documentary that exposes food industry crimes against raw milk and organic food producers

Food Matters (science showing nutritional therapy is more effective than conventional approaches to health);

Greater Good (documentary with excellent information about vaccines), 2011; available at

Vaccine Nation (Excellent documentary on vaccines) Can order from or watch for free at

Sweet Remedy; The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply, 2006 available at and

Webseed: ; This is a link to a small library of excellent downloadable videos for a small fee on a variety of important health topics ranging from alternative cancer cures, juicing, and biological dentistry.  Many are available in hard copy DVD form, as well on

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