laketahoeI have enjoyed writing and publishing articles on the subject of holistic health beginning in February 2013 for Natural News, the #1 rated holistic health news website. My articles can be found here at Natural NewsI also write for the important health news site Vac Truth.  I have been a guest blogger for Kelly the Kitchen Kop, a popular, real food blogger and Sarah Pope, author and highly rated owner of the Healthy Home Economist site. My articles have appeared on Alex Jone’s Prison Planet and Infowars news sites.   They have also been published on the website home page for the Saint Louis Institute of Integrative Medicine.  My articles are also featured in the blogging section of Natural News at Natural News Blog and on my professional website Michelle Goldstein, MSW.

I also had the opportunity to be a guest on a radio show by vaccine expert, lawyer MIchael Phillips:




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