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Important ‘Fed Up’ documentary highlights how sugar and processed foods contribute to our obesity epidemic

November 19 2014 016In the documentary “Fed Up”, Katie Couric reports on the widespread health epidemic we are facing with obesity and diabetes and the role that our food industry plays in this. The fact that this important documentary is being played across the nation is good news. I highly recommend viewing it if you have the opportunity. Continue reading

The Power of Raw Foods to Heal

close up of raw milk, cream and eggsRecipes for raw dairy, fish and meat exist in almost every country. Their power to heal are well known in endemic cultures. Weston Price discovered that isolated groups thrived for centuries eating their local nutrient dense diets, included raw foods. Pottenger proved conclusively the power of raw food diets to ensure the health of generations of cats. Holistic practitioners today recognize the healing ability of raw foods. Continue reading

Welcome to Holistic Health to Go

My New Blog

yosemitesunsetDSCF5989I have wanted to start this blog for over a year. I love to write, but was overwhelmed by the technical aspects of my own blog. I forged ahead because  I have an overwhelming need to share what I believe is life saving health information. Yes, there are other websites and blogs out there, but I want to add my two cents to the conversation. The more voices that are raised and heard, the better it will be for those seeking important information on alternative health care and holistic nutrition.  Continue reading