How To Find a Physician to Support Your Vaccine Choice

th (38)Working with a physician who supports your vaccine choice is essential for developing a cooperative, supportive relationship. Unfortunately, many doctors in private practice refuse to see patients who do not follow the aggressive Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccination schedule. These physicians may be willing to make some allowances, but will push for many vaccinations.

Other medical doctors employed by hospitals receiving government funding will likely favor vaccines, but are legally forced to accept parent choices regarding vaccinations and provide medical care to all patients. Where can one find a health care provider who respects parent vaccine choice and the right to not vaccinate?

Why are physicians so strongly pro-vaccine?

Why Do Most Physicians Favor Vaccines?

The medical training that physicians receive in medical school is heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical companies and CDC. Both the CDC and pharmaceutical companies push for a growing, aggressive vaccine schedule for children.

Physicians are only taught one side of the vaccine issue and are told that vaccines are safe and effective. Data regarding vaccine injury is minimized greatly. Physician education is also focused on compliance and how to diffuse parental concern about vaccine safety. Doctors are rewarded financially for vaccinating patients and sometimes penalized when their vaccination rates drop. [1]

The Importance Of Working With A Pro-Vaccine Choice Doctor

Doctors who support your decision to not vaccinate your child are more likely to understand and support your overall parenting style. The conflict and discord should be reduced, making for an improved doctor-patient relationship.

The decision to not vaccinate is usually a very thoughtful choice made by parents who have spent considerable time doing tremendous research on the topic. To work with a physician who does not understand or respect this decision will likely create animosity, distrust and negative feelings. A majority of time may be spent debating with the physician about your vaccine decision with the doctor continually pressuring to vaccinate, instead of spending precious time discussing the heath of your child.

Physicians Employed By Hospitals Receiving Government Funding

Doctors employed by hospitals receiving government funding are not permitted to discriminate and deny services to patients based on vaccine choice, assuming that exemptions exist in that state. All states permit medical vaccine exemptions. Only two states, California and Mississippi, do not allow religious exemptions. Many states allow philosophical exemptions. To check on your particular state’s vaccine exemption laws, visit the National Vaccine Information Center’s website. It is important to be informed and assertive about the laws and your rights to make vaccine decisions for yourself and your child. [2]

Physicians Identified As Anti-Vaccine

Hundreds of physicians question vaccine safety, and hundreds more have concluded vaccines are harmful and dangerous to health. These physicians will support patients who choose not to vaccinate. A list of 240 doctors is provided by a health blogger. Their location and specific practice information is not identified, but the list may be useful as a starting point.

The International Medical Council on Vaccinations is a group of hundreds of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals who have identified themselves as anti-vaccination. These professionals have spent hundreds of hours examining the research and observing the vaccine damage done to patients. At one time, a list of practitioners was available on their site, but it was not available at this time. They continue to be an excellent source for information on vaccinations. [3]

Resources For Locating Physicians Who Support Your Vaccine Choice Rights

Physicians who associate with integrative or holistic health groups are more likely to support vaccine choice. These groups of heath care providers who likely support vaccine choice include the following organizations. The links go directly to their group’s page, allowing one to enter local zip codes to facilitate finding a practitioner close to home:

Other Sources To Help Identify Physicians Who Will Support Your Vaccine Choice

One can talk to other pro-vaccine choice parents to see which physicians they use. Parents can google doctors in their area and call ahead to ask if they accept patients who are not vaccinated or choose alternative vaccine schedules. Local natural health food stores are often good resources for finding local, holistic-oriented doctors.


For those thoughtful parents who choose not to vaccinate or vaccinate on an alternative schedule, finding a physician to support this decision can be challenging. However, there are many resources available to assist. Legally, hospital-based physicians who are receiving government funding are not able to discriminate and deny services to patients who do not vaccinate, assuming your state has vaccine exemptions; 48 states allow both medical and religious exemptions.

Spending time to find a physician who will support your vaccine choices is time well spent. The relationship with your physician will likely be much better if your physician respects your vaccine choice. Time can be devoted to maximizing your child’s health instead of debating the vaccine issue at every visit.



Written by Michelle, Holistic Health to Go

How to Find a Physician to Support Your Vaccine Choice was first published on June 21st, 2016 at Vac Truth.

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3 thoughts on “How To Find a Physician to Support Your Vaccine Choice

  1. Yvonne Zavala

    I need help please, my son has ADHD and he takes medication daily for this, however, his doctor just informed me he will not be able to see my son any longer, because I do not want to vaccinate him in June when he turns 11 years old. I cannot find a doctor here in San Antonio Texas that is Anti- Vaccines. I am not sure but google is not giving me any list, How can I find a doctor that will take care of my son without forcing me to get him vaccinated? He needs his medication for ADHD to concentrate in school. If not I would not be giving him any medicines, but the school insist on his medication. I desperately need help in finding a Doctor that will not force me to vaccinate him, please help me.

    1. Holistic Health to Go Post author


      Sorry for the delayed response. I hope you see this. I would try the resources listed in this article. I would also look into any hospital based pediatricians, because my understanding is that hospitals which receive government funding cannot discriminate and prevent you from refusing vaccines. I would also go to local health food stores and check with employees to see if they can make a recommendation.

      Best wishes to you,


  2. Yvonne Zavala

    not sure if my comments were sent? I need assistance in helping find a doctor in San Antonio TXfor my 11 year old son who is ok with no vaccinations , please, desperate need. He current doctor states he will not be able to see him once June comes around, because I refuse to vaccinate him.


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