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yosemitesunsetDSCF5989I have wanted to start this blog for over a year. I love to write, but was overwhelmed by the technical aspects of my own blog. I forged ahead because  I have an overwhelming need to share what I believe is life saving health information. Yes, there are other websites and blogs out there, but I want to add my two cents to the conversation. The more voices that are raised and heard, the better it will be for those seeking important information on alternative health care and holistic nutrition. 

My start with holistic health

My story began with my daughter’s health crisis in the Spring of 2008.  My husband and I quickly realized that conventional medicine did not have the answers we were seeking to return her to good health. In time, I realized that recommendations of allopathic medicine had contributed to her serious illness. Undoing the damage done by dangerous health recommendations and our toxic food and water continues to be a challenge for our family. We now all embrace alternative medicine protocols to try and improve our health.

What I wish I knew

close up of raw milk, cream and eggsWe have all been misguided by incorrect dietary and healthcare recommendations. I have learned that instead of saturated fat being the enemy, empty carbohydrates, processed vegetable oils and other artificial foods are large culprits to today’s health problems. Returning to traditional, nutrient dense foods is essential for health. While I once believed vaccinations offered safe protection from disease, I now recognize the dangers of this highly prized medical procedure.  Yes, I know that is heresy to many, but it is essential to research this medical procedure independently before blindly following guidelines set by the pharmaceutical companies who profit largely from immunization practices. The list is expansive of the many health myths, misconceptions and hidden truths that exist.

Allopathic medicine

Many of us have health challenges. I believe there is a place for allopathic, conventional medicine, particularly for acute illness and injury. It is often necessary for the management of chronic health conditions and for urgent care. A kidney transplant has saved the life of my sister. Medications and surgery are often necessary and life saving. Physicians deserve our utmost respect for their dedication to saving lives.

Sadly, the physicians that have dedicated their lives to helping others are often misguided and mislead by the forces of the pharmaceutical companies, corporate food giants, and others who profit in the health care industry. I do not blame physicians for our problems. I believe they are often used as pawns by others for corporate profit and greed.  I do think that more of them need to start thinking more critically and question what they are being taught in medical school, a very challenging task. They face tremendous pressure, both legal and financial, to follow standard practice medicine guidelines. Conventional medicine does not work optimally in managing many of the chronic health conditions we are facing today. Often symptoms are treated, while the real underlying causes are left untreated. This approach does work for many, but for others it does not.

Conventional and allopathic medicine

My hope is that some time in the future conventional and alternative physicians can work more closely together in a cooperative spirit. There exists adversity and distrust between the two, but bridges have started to form. The growth of integrative medicine practices is a hopeful sign of change. Alternative medicine can often work in a complementary fashion with conventional medicine practices to improve the health of patients.

Interest in alternative medicine and health food has grown tremendously in recent years. It is evidenced by the growth of organic and health food sections in every grocery store and increased spending on alternative health care.

While alternative medicine practices offer solutions to many, the practice could benefit from greater research and standardization of practice. Consumers of holistic medicine are often left with a shot gun approach to healthcare. Trial and error is often necessary and thousands of dollars can be wasted finding alternative treatments that work. Changes are needed in health insurance coverage to help defer some of these costs.

We are sicker than ever before

Our children are sicker than ever before, with sky rocketing rates of auto-immune disorders, cancer, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, mental illness, allergies, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and food allergies. Something is clearly wrong. There is need for great change.

Statistics for adults are no better. Rates of heart disease, cancer, mental illness, obesity, diabetes, auto-immune disorders and other health conditions are higher than ever before.

What we can do

We can all start by the choices we make in what we eat daily and what health care practices and procedures we choose for ourselves and our children. We can think more critically and not blindly follow the advice handed out by our health care system and government institutions.


I dedicate this blog first and foremost to my daughter, who has exhibited bravery in the face of her health challenges. Secondly I dedicate this blog to all of the individuals and families seeking to regain health through holistic health protocols and to those brave alternative health care practitioners dedicated to healing the sick.

What to find at Holistic Health to GoSummer 2014 342

Holistic Health to Go is a health website dedicated to sharing important information on holistic healing, prevention and nutrition.  All of my published articles to date can be found on this site. Thank you for joining me at Holistic Health to Go.  I hope the information you find here will be useful to you! You can stay updated by following me on facebook. To follow me on facebook, please go to my facebook page and click like, then directly underneath check “get notifications”.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Holistic Health to Go

  1. Mindy Weinstein

    I am so glad I stumbled across your article on facebook through Dr. Tenpenny’s page. Your personal story is almost identical to mine. I also totally bought into conventional medicine. After all, my grandfather was an MD. After finding no help for serious physical issues, I went the natural route and came out on the other side with good health, a story and an agenda.
    I am a special education teacher who understands that the brain function issues I see in kids would be reversed in many cases with diet and specific supplementation. I did this with great success in my own family and help others do it in theirs. I am feeling pretty beaten up these days by all of the naysayers who slavishly swear by conventional medicine and insist that us out of the box thinkers are unscientific idiots. I would love to find other serious sources of solid evidence to back up arguments. I’d lore to meet you some day.

    1. Holistic Health to Go Post author


      Thank you for your kind comments. I really appreciate them! Keep up the great work helping your family and others.




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