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Hidden Dental Cavitations Can Cause Serious Illness

Dental-work-being-done-001A young high school student experienced debilitating symptoms of stomach pain, weight loss, inflammation, fatigue and anemia. A young man experienced a persistent cough and repeated upper respiratory infections. A college freshman struggled with fatigue, bloating and dizziness. A practicing nurse suffered from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. A college student struggled with symptoms mirroring an unusual autoimmune disorder. Their symptoms were all quite different, but these individuals shared one thing in common. Each had a hidden cavitation infection in the jaw bone area of the molar or wisdom teeth. Continue reading

Why Butter is Better and Ways to Eat More

Butter on home made blueberry banana breadButter, the long-demonized fat, has made a resurgence. With the recent recognition that trans fats are unhealthy, educated consumers are using more of this traditional fat. Butter, particularly pastured, organic butter, is high in many essential nutrients. Contrary to popular belief, the saturated fats in butter do not contribute to heart disease. Butter offers protective powers against several illnesses. Sweden, in fact, recently changed their country’s health guidelines to include more healthy saturated fats and less processed carbohydrates.

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Welcome to Holistic Health to Go

My New Blog

yosemitesunsetDSCF5989I have wanted to start this blog for over a year. I love to write, but was overwhelmed by the technical aspects of my own blog. I forged ahead because  I have an overwhelming need to share what I believe is life saving health information. Yes, there are other websites and blogs out there, but I want to add my two cents to the conversation. The more voices that are raised and heard, the better it will be for those seeking important information on alternative health care and holistic nutrition.  Continue reading