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Delicious Gluten-Free, Paleo Shakshuka

IMG_3126Two summers ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Israel. I fell in love with the local, popular dish shakshuka, which was readily available in almost all restaurants and served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I ended up eating it daily. Upon returning home to the states, I missed this savory middle eastern dish of eggs poached in tomato sauce and began experimenting with recipes to create my own perfect version. I use quite a bit more veggies than is traditionally used, and more eggs. I really enjoy this dish and often share the recipe with my clients, since it is so healthy and easy to make. I hope that you will enjoy it as well! Continue reading

How To Eat Organic in the Holy Land

Our Favorite Tel Aviv Juicer

Our Favorite Tel Aviv Juicer

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to spend 3 weeks touring Israel with my family. I also spent one day visiting the sites of Petra in Jordan.

With my transition to a nutrient dense, organic diet, an important question arose for me. How would I enjoy my travels while also eating well in the holy land?  I asked some of my friends, who are more frequent visitors to Israel,  and I also used my trusted friend “google”. I found a gluten free Israel FB group and joined, since one family member is gluten free.  Because one daughter, who we met in Israel,  had spent several months in Tel Aviv prior to my trip, I also had the advantage of her on site research and knowledge of good sources of food. Continue reading

Delicious Grain Free Coconut Macaroon Cookies

189This cookie is a favorite for the Jewish holiday of Passover because it is grain free and grains are restricted during this festival. Macaroons are delicious to eat all year round, when one desires a lighter dessert. The egg whites provide protein and the coconut provides other nutrients. I have experimented with different recipes over the years and have settled on this one for a perfect and satisfying cookie every time! I use higher nutrient ingredients to increase its nutrition profile.  Continue reading

Delicious Gluten Free Prune Hamantashen

prune hamantashenHamantashens are a traditional cookie shaped in a triangle, like Haman’s hat, made for the festive minor Jewish holiday of Purim. Haman is an evil character from the Purim story, read on Purim from a special book called the Megillah. The fillings for this cookie vary, including poppy seeds, cherry, apricot and strawberry fillings. Prune is a family favorite of ours. Recipes abound for these delicious cookies, but after much experimentation I have recently settled on this recipe, They can be enjoyed year round and several Jewish delis and bakeries bake them all year. They are always made at this time of year, during the holiday of Purim.

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this delectable treat. My close Christian and Muslim neighbors and friends have looked forward to Purim and enjoyed these delicious cookies, along with our family over the years!  It is like a super mini pie cookie, loved by all. I have made changes to make this recipe as nutrient dense as possible. Hope you enjoy them! Continue reading

Home made, gluten free organic apple pie

January 2015 025I rarely make home made apple pie, but I am moved to do so on Thanksgiving and other special occasions. I use a recipe very close to my mother’s recipe which serves as a nice reminder of my mom, whose sweet memory I carry with me. I use less sugar than the original recipe and play with the crust, using a gluten- free crust which seems to vary a bit each year. I usually serve it warmed with home made vanilla ice cream. It is definitely a family favorite in our household. Continue reading

Traditional, Gluten Free Pasta Con Broccoli

Summer 2014 437I once avoided pasta with rich cream sauces due to my misinformed fear of healthy fats. Now I embrace these foods made with traditional fats.  I use the best ingredients I can find and usually serve with a fresh garden salad and baked wild salmon. Pasta is high in carbohydrates, which can convert to sugar and fat, but the fat in the cream and butter helps to balance this out. By serving with a protein like salmon, the meal becomes balanced and healthy. Try and find tomato sauce or paste in a glass jar to avoid the leaching of chemicals in cans caused by the acid of tomatoes. Continue reading

Delicious, Easy, Gluten Free, Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe

Vegetarian LasagnaThis recipe is gluten free and uses sheep cheese instead of cow’s cheese, for those sensitive to cow’s dairy. I found the cheese at Whole Foods and used Tinkyada lasagna noodles.  I have tried several vegetarian lasagna recipes over the years, but this is our family’s favorite and by far the easiest one to make. If cow’s dairy is not a problem, parmesan cheese can be used instead of the Manchego cheese and Mozzarella cheese for the topping. It is delicious and can be doubled to serve a larger group (using standard size lasagna pan). I have served it at Super Bowl parties in the past and it was well received.  Serves 4-6. Continue reading

Delicious Blueberry Muffins (gluten free, dairy free, egg free/or regular)

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My one daughter is temporarily on a gluten free, dairy free, egg free diet,  so we have been experimenting with recipes. We tried these recently and they were a huge success. Only thing we would change is to add more blueberries next time.  Bake and enjoy if you like blueberries. We tried to use the best possible ingredients. (With no dietary restrictions, use organic whole milk, pastured butter and one pastured egg instead of applesauce; also with a wheat flour, there is no need for xanthun gum). Yield: 12 muffins. Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Mint Meringue Cookies


186I have fond memories of large Passover seders at my in law’s home in Kentucky when my children were young. It was a chance for my husband’s family to gather from around the country to celebrate this religious holiday and also have an informal family reunion. Our children loved playing with their cousins in the large, perfect sprawling yard with a creek running in the back, tire swings and swing set.  My mother in law was a fabulous cook. She made a chocolate chip mint meringue cookie which was a favorite. Continue reading