close up of raw milk, cream and eggsThe recipes in this site follow the primary dietary principles of the Weston Price Foundation, based on the landmark studies of brilliant dentist Weston A. Price. The Weston Price Foundation is similar to the more well known Paleo dietary group, but has some distinct differences. See Paleo and Price Diets for more information on this subject. The recipes that will be shared also adhere to kosher dietary principles.

We are currently following a gluten free diet, so many recipes will be gluten free, as well. I October 2014 photos 120aim for simplicity in cooking, so hopefully most of my recipes will be easy to duplicate. I will give credit to others whenever possible. I tend to borrow from many sources and adapt as desired or needed.

Preparing meals for those you love is one of the most important tasks. Food is so important to health and sharing meals is a time honored tradition in all cultures that is essential to try and bring back in our fast paced society. I have the highest regard for those who take time to prepare healthy, traditional foods for their loved ones and for themselves. To me, it is one of the greatest acts of love and self care. With this in mind, I wish my readers bon apetit and hope you enjoy the recipes I share.

Recipes can be found by checking the recipe category on the home page or by using the search button. You may also click the links below.

Main Meals

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Body and Mind

Chopped Liver, a Super Food

Delicious Homemade Vegetable Soup

Nutritious and Delicious “Fast Foods”

Simple, delicious crock pot pastured chicken

Traditional, Gluten Free Pasta con Broccoli

Delicious, Simple Seasoned Salmon

Delicious, gluten-free Paleo Shakshuka

Taco Salad

Delicious, easy, gluten free, vegetarian lasagna recipe


Simple Fermented Salsa: A Superfood for Health

2 Minute Home Made Guacamole 

Spicy, Pakistani Spinach Potatoes

The Joys and Adventures of Home Brewed Kombucha Tea

Delicious, Healthy and Easy Soaked Nuts


Kefir: The Queen of Fermented Foods

Easy, raw breakfast smoothie

Delicious Blueberry Muffins

Delicious and Nutritious Deviled Eggs


Delicious Gluten Free Prune Hamantashen 

Delicious Grain Free Coconut Macaroon Cookies

Chocolate chip mint meringue cookies

 Delicious, real raw vanilla ice cream

Yummy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Home made, gluten free organic apple pie

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