Raw Milk Benefits

High quality raw milk enhances health while pasteurized milk contributes to illness

milk3DSCF5822Raw whole milk has been consumed for centuries and has long been acknowledged for its health benefits.   Several research studies show superior growth and health for those children drinking raw milk compared to pasteurized milk. See Raw Milk Studies Raw milk has been proven to prevent scurvy, the flu, TB, and allergies. Pastured whole raw milk contains essential fat soluble vitamins A, D and K2 along with B12, B6, C, calcium, iron, iodine and minerals which can easily be utilized by the body.  When milk is pasteurized, most of these nutrients are destroyed. The remaining protein, calcium and D vitamins are denatured and poorly absorbed. In other cases the body begins an attack on what it views as a foreign substance and allergic reactions can develop. Pasteurized milk consumption has been linked with osteoporosis, tooth decay, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

Raw milk cures diseases 

Hippocrates, Galen and other pioneering physicians all used raw milk to heal patients from disease. Dr. J. E. Crewe, in the 1920’s, used a raw milk diet at the Mayo Foundation to local raw milksuccessfully treat patients with a myriad of illnesses including tuberculosis, high blood pressure, urinary tract infections, diabetes, kidney and prostrate disease, edema, heart failure and chronic fatigue.  Today, in Germany, raw whole milk is used in hospitals to treat several diseases. Raw milk enthusiasts claim consumption of high quality whole raw milk can cure diseases including irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis and allergies. To read testimonials see the Raw Milk Institute 

Contaminated and diluted swill milk caused widespread deaths in the 1800’s

Cheap swill milk was produced in the 1800’s in order to increase profits.  These milk producing cows lived in deplorable conditions, tied up in confinement and fed distillery waste instead of their normal diet of green pasture. 50% of those who drank this milk died.

The decision to pasteurize milk was based on economics 

In 1910 the majority of those who met to resolve the “milk” problem of unsafe swill milk were opposed to pasteurization. Most wanted raw milk to be certified to ensure high quality, safe milk which maintained its high nutrients. Decision makers were afraid of the costs to certify raw milk dairies so decided to pasteurize milk instead. Milk producers with unsafe practices began pasteurizing their milk rather than clean up their farms.

Campaign against raw milk began in imaginary town called “Crossroads” 

In 1945 a false story was first reported to have taken place in a made up town called Crossroads, USA where raw milk was blamed for an outbreak of undulant fever. This unsubstantiated report was repeated by the Progressive and Reader’s Digest. This began an effort to eliminate raw milk production.

Raw milk facts

According to a study done in Michigan, 90% of those who are unable to consume pasteurized milk due to lactose intolerance are able to consume raw milk with its intact enzymes. Several people die each year from allergic reactions to pasteurized milk and dairy products.  E-coli, botulism, Listeria, parasite spores and other bacteria routinely found in pasteurized milk cause illness and death. Not a single death has been reliably reported from raw milk consumption.  Raw milk  sales continues to grow each year while pasteurized milk purchases decrease due to dairy allergies.

Raw milk resources 

For sources of raw milk visit Real Milk Sources.  To help support farmers trying to supply this valuable health food contact Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund . For additional information on safe raw milk visit the Raw Milk Institute 

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Written by Michelle, Holistic Health to Go

High quality raw milk enhances health while pasteurized milk contributes to illness first published in Natural News on March 4, 2013

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