October 2014 photos 120Nutrition is the cornerstone to good health. Famous physician Hippocrates stated almost 2500 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Modern medicine has moved far away from addressing diet as the key to preventing and healing disease. Governmental dietary guidelines and recommendations are influenced by monetary interests of the biotech industry and big Ag, along with the processed food giants.

While most everyone agrees that vegetables and fruits contain important nutrients and antioxidants important to health, there are large divisions on the dietary “fat” issue with the low fat, high carbohydrate dietary recommendations being held onto by conventional medicine and government institutions. High cholesterol numbers continue to be feared, along with healthy sources of saturated fat including butter.

Several dietary principles exist. I have studied several and personally follow the principles of Weston Price, similar to the more popular Paleo diet. The Price guidelines are outlined here: Weston Price Foundation. The guidelines essentially recommend eating the way our close up of raw milk, cream and eggsgreat grandparents ate, honoring time tested ways of eating and preparing foods, which preserve most of food’s nutrients. Price was a dentist who did remarkable research in the 1930’s looking for the answers to tooth decay by studying endemic cultures around the world. His findings can be found in the nutritional masterpiece, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He essentially found that endemic cultures, following time honored methods of eating passed on from generations before them, had exemplary health. Price discovered that these endemic people were free from all diseases, along with having perfect teeth with no cavities and adequate palates allowing for all teeth to come in straight. When he analyzed the native’s diets, Price found that their foods contained 4-10 times the amount of water and fat soluble vitamins compared to the average American diet at that time. They were naturally immune to common diseases, most notably tuberculosis. If these natives adopted modern man’s diets of processed foods including canned vegetables and milk, white flour and sugar, their health quickly declined.

What you eat is your personal decision, but I believe there is much wisdom in Price’s November 19 2014 200research. Newer research, by authors of the Happiness Diet, confirms Price’s findings. The articles posted in this tab are my first published articles from 2013 to early 2014. All articles on this subject can be found here, Nutritious Foods  You may also use the search button to find particular articles of interest.

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