Natural Cancer Cures

Cancer is cured safely, in spite of widespread suppression by the “cancer industry”

lakeLeading cancer experts and authors Dr. Samuel Epstein and Ralph Moss, author of the Cancer Industry, among others, have documented widespread efforts to thwart safe, cancer cures in the United States. (

The FDA will only approve pharmaceutical, synthetic drugs for cancer treatments. However, even Burzynski’s attempts to patent and use lifesaving antineoplastons have met violent opposition. See award winning documentary: ( )

Sadly, most Americans continue using toxic and invasive radiation, chemotherapy and surgery to treat their cancers, with dubious results. A fortunate minority have discovered effective and safe “alternative cures”.

Hoxsey therapy and Essiac Tea use potent herbs to cure cancer

Native Indians used the herb blood root to cure cancer for centuries. In 1840 John Hoxsey discovered the Hoxsey therapy which contained blood root, along with other herbs with anticancer properties. This treatment was used to successfully treat advanced cancers at 17 Hoxsey Cancer Clinics from 1924 to 1960, before being forced to close and move to Tijuana, Mexico. In 1954, ten physicians evaluated hundreds of case studies and patients, concluding that Hoxsey therapy left patients free from cancer from 6-24 years and in excellent health.

Essiac tea, comprised of 4 types of herbs, was successfully used by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, Dr. Brusch and several practitioners in Canada and the U.S. to reverse thousands of cases of advanced cancers. This formula also originated from Native Americans. It was destroyed by the Canadian Ministry when Caisse died in 1978. Dr. Brusch, in the U.S., was able to create a new version of the remedy, known as Flor-Essence and marketed as a detoxifying tea.

Nutritional “Gerson therapy” cures cancer

Brilliant physician Max Gerson developed the Gerson therapy in the 1930’s. This treatment combined organic vegetarian juices and coffee enemas to successfully treat thousands of Fall 2014 029patients from cancer and other diseases. Gerson published 50 medical papers and 3 books describing his treatment methods in detail. Gerson clinics were eliminated in the U.S., but exist in Mexico and Hungary, through the tireless efforts of Gerson’s daughter Charlotte. Gerson therapy continues to save lives. (

Laetrile, vitamin B17, works like an anticancer smart bomb

Laetrile, a pure form of B17, has been used by physicians around the world with widely documented success to ingeniously treat cancer. The vitamin is found abundantly in certain cultural diets, where no cancer exists. American physician Binzel demonstrated an 87.3 success rates for advanced cancers treated with Laetrile, compared to 0.1 percent for cancers using conventional methods.

Every American physician who used Laetrile was arrested, taken to court, put in jail or had their medical license removed for the “crime” of curing cancer patients. The cancer industry went on to almost entirely eliminate the sale in the U.S .of apricot seeds, a rich source of vitamin B17. Some clinics continue to offer Laetrile treatments including the Reno Integrative Medical Center ( and two clinics in Tijuana, Mexico.

Additional safe cures and resources

Dr. Kelly’s ingenious, highly effective enzyme therapy has survived at Dr. Gonzalez’s clinic in N.Y.C. ( Protocel, which rids the body of anaerobic cells, has cured thousands from cancer, at a cost of $60-85/month. (, ( and ( Other effective treatments include: the Budwig Diet (, low dose naltrexone (, Poly-MVA, IV vitamin C, and the ketogenic diet (

Excellent resources for natural treatments and prevention include Tanya Pierce’s Outsmart Your Cancer, Suzanne Somer’s Knockout, Cancer Prevention Coalition ( and Tony Isaacs’ anti-cancer protocol (

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Written by Michelle Goldstein, Holistic Health to Go

Cancer is cured safely in spite of widespread suppression by the “cancer industry” was 1st published on June 1, 2013 in Natural News 

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3 thoughts on “Natural Cancer Cures

  1. Brenda Fenn

    My sister has now been given 2-3 mths to live after proton therapy on lung, this got the big tumor but in the process it spread ( 8 walnut size) to the other lung, lympths, throat, and chest. She was doing alternative, polymva and supplements although on her diet and pills she stopped 3 mths with these and diet

    1. Holistic Health to Go Post author

      Hi Brenda,

      Sorry to hear about your sister. There are no guarantees with alternative therapies,
      just as there are not with the conventional treatments. I hope she may still be able
      to beat her cancer with the holistic approaches. Many have been successful in beating
      cancers, which conventional therapies offered no hope of survival for, but cancer remains
      a frightening diagnosis.

      Best regards,


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