Avoiding Vaccines

images (26)Vaccines contain numerous dangerous neuro-toxins, such as aluminum and mercury, along with other extremely dangerous ingredients. When our body is exposed to diseases naturally through germs entering the body through the GI tract or the respiratory system, our bodies can respond normally to the invading micro-organism. Our bodies launch an attack, utilizing the entire immune system and later gains immunity to the disease. The use of vaccines to inject organisms into the bloodstream is unnatural. Antibodies are created, but the immune system is actually suppressed.

Numerous studies comparing vaccinated to non vaccinated children demonstrate that non vaccinated children are far healthier on several objective measures. Whenever there are outbreaks of disease, health authorities like to blame non vaccinated children as the culprit. In reality, when surveys are done on those ill, the vast majority are shown to have been immunized. No objective studies have proven vaccines to be safe, nor effective.

Historically, the very first vaccine, the small pox vaccine, was a huge failure. Cow pox was injected into a child as an experiment by Edward Jenner. It was a known fact that cow pox had nothing to do with small pox. Through a play of event including convincing the King of England to finance a mandatory vaccine program, the politics and profitability of vaccines was quickly established. The data from that time was clear that this vaccine led to an increase in small pox, along with more deaths and serious health consequences, including syphilis and other serious health effects. The profits of the vaccine won out over the dangerous health realities, in spite of the widespread objections of conscientious and aware physicians at that time. This basic scenario continues today, with the difference being the huge entrenchment of vaccines into our health care system and the tremendous increase in their numbers and harm to health.

I write for Vac Truth and Natural News on this important, very controversial subject. Please educate yourself before choosing this medical procedure that has serious health risks.

Below are links to my articles, including one by a journalist colleague, who cited my research throughout his reporting.

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