Avoiding GMO’s

images (17)GMO’s are a huge health experiment which has proven dangerous to health, the environment and our soil. It has been reported that these widespread ramifications are too entrenched to turn back at this time. Greed and profit are what fuels this industry with several misguided, but well meaning scientists involved in its perpetuation. To learn more about genetically modified organisms, check this important web source http://www.responsibletechnology.org/. Links to my articles on this subject can be found below.

The biotech and agricultural industry is now aggressively pushing ‘Missouri Monsanto Bill’ through the state legislature

Biotech giant announces expansion at St. Louis HQ; Congressional members propose Federal GMO labeling laws

New GMO labeling bill will be the ultimate test between the will of the people versus the greed and power of the biotech 

Avoid eating dangerous genetically engineered foods at your dining table

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